Breaking News: Andi Druk is going to be unique in Western Europe

Andi Druk is going to be unique in Western Europe

“The arrival of this innovative inkjet production line not only allows us to deliver personalized print, but also to significantly increase our delivery speed and efficiency, and to work error-free,” says Frits Keulen. “At Andi, we like to take an approach based on customer demand.  What are the customer’s requirements and how can we meet them?  This is also the approach we used in our search to find our own strategic partners. Our search led us to Canon and Müller Martini. They will be putting together this machine.”

The signatures are in place

andi-breaking-news-printsolutionsThe collaboration agreement between Andi Druk, Canon and Müller Martini was signed last week during Drupa, the world’s largest exhibition for the graphics industry held in Düsseldorf.  Enno Smid, product manager for Müller Martini, says, “The approach taken by Andi Druk to handle this whole process was remarkable.  They really put the customer’s demands first and basically gave us, their strategic partners, homework to do.  The approach taken by Andi Druk to handle this process internally is unique as well.”

“Normally, a management team decides about every step in the process. And once a project reaches the completion stage, they will handle the final negotiations. In this case, Frank Alofs, manager at Andi Druk, was more or less given carte blanche and he did it extremely well,” says Frank Huigen, commercial printing director for Canon Nederland.

Interesting facts about the inkjet production line

  • The machine will print, personalize and produce glued and stapled booklets of all sorts and sizes in a single operation.
  • Process 127 meters of paper per minute, two-sided and in full color.
  • Produce 1,000 glued books per hour.
  • Produce 9,000 stapled brochures per hour.

What are the advantages?

  • Printing on demand; required numbers of copies are guaranteed 100%.
  • Variable printing ability, i.e. ability to personalize printed materials.
  • A 100% guaranteed error-free closed-loop system based on barcode matching.
  • Eliminates the need for multilingual manuals with unnecessarily many languages.
  • No stockpiling and no inventory destruction expenses during overhauls.
  • Eliminates storage costs.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Excellent quality.

We invite you to watch this video for a short sneak preview of our future addition.

The inkjet production line is scheduled to start operating in November in the new hall to be constructed in the meantime.  Obviously, we will keep you up-to-date on all developments. Carefully check our newsletter and social media.


Frits Keulen (left) speaking during the official presentation at Drupa. Co-owner Dave Kremer (center) and manager Frank Alofs (right).


The project team of Andi Druk, Canon and Muller Martini toast together on the cooperation!