Flawless quality confirmed
by audits

At Andi, we take pride in delivering the quality digital printing services that companies in the EMEA region have depended on for decades. We live and breathe our commitment to providing superior-quality deliverables that are immaculate and exactly on time. Relying on innovative smart print solutions and more than 90 years of solid experience, we help our clients efficiently roll out and manage brands in the pharma and life sciences industry in the EMEA region – and that’s not all. We also expedite your local operations, engineering a documentation, packaging or labelling solution to fit your needs, fully compliant with environmental guidelines.

Exceptional standards of quality are non-negotiable for suppliers in the medical products sector, and we meet those standards every time. Our clients can rest assured that we support their requirements for flawless results, since Andi is subjected to the most stringent national and international audits every year – and consistently passes with flying colours.

Reliable contacts with
sector-specific knowledge

The medical sector requires specialized knowledge and solutions in the field of process optimization and quality assurance. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in supporting clients in this sector, enabling us to effectively address the unique process challenges at an early stage. We arrange for our clients’ processes to be continuously monitored by reliable contacts with sector-specific knowledge, as well as specialists in strategy and quality. This proactive monitoring enables us to optimize total cost of ownership.

annual quality assurance audits guarantee flawless quality

proven track record of reliable just in time delivery

fully traceable assembling / kitting / fulfilment / serialization of finished kits

excellent accessibility by rail, road and air

highly trained workforce in the region

the Andi team

Frank Alofs

operations director
Frits Keulen

Frits Keulen

managing director
Mario vos web

Mario Vos

operations manager
Samantha Savelberg

Samantha Savelberg

quality manager
Arlette Daemen web

Arlette Daemen

hr manager
Marcel Eijckmans web

Marcel Eijkmans

it manager
Micha Lousberg web

Micha Lousberg

manager technical order management
Rick Saes web

Rick Saes

manager administration & data analysis
Roger-1-e1579167517764 (2)

Roger Raven

bu manager blueprint visuals

Rik Aarts

sales manager
Easily accessible by rail,
road and air

In the coming years, Andi expects to continue increasing its market share in smart print solutions. Based in the province of Limburg, Andi is ideally positioned to serve the high concentration of medical companies in the region. Limburg offers excellent access by rail, road and air, providing major advantages for logistics and distribution. The province has a well-maintained network of motorways and access roads, facilitating freight traffic in and out of the region, and easy access to numerous airports in the area.

Air transport is particularly essential for the medical sector and for companies handling high-quality products with a limited shelf life. No other region in Europe is as accessible by air as Limburg. Two international airports (Brussels and Düsseldorf) as well as six regional airports (Cologne, Weeze, Liège, Charleroi, Eindhoven, and Maastricht-Aachen) are within easy reach of Limburg. Andi itself is based at Maastricht-Aachen Airport.

Highly trained workforce

Universities in and around the area are renowned for their quality of education. Limburg is home to various universities of applied sciences and research universities. As a result, the regional job market offers an extensive pool of highly qualified and well-trained graduates – and an array of Healthcare & Life Sciences start-ups and research spin-offs.

Part of Andi Smart Solutions Group

Andi Smart Print Solutions is part of Andi Smart Solutions Group. Working from various disciplines, with a multidisciplinary team of around 75 people, we are the strategic partner that really thinks along and delivers long-term solutions. Customers can outsource the entire value chain to Andi. This results in shortened lead times, saving on transport and personnel costs and improved inventory management.

Andi Smart Solutions Group consists of three innovative business units; Andi Smart Print Solutions, Blueprint Visuals and Andi Value Added Solutions.