Our certifications

Andi Smart Solutions Group has formalized its vision on quality, environment and information security by ISO-certifications.

The quality, health, safety, environment and information security policy of Andi Smart Solutions Group constitutes an integral part of the total company policy and is essential for the continuity of the company, for the well-being of our employees and our environment.

At Andi the continuous improvement (‘plan-do-check-act’) of our quality, health, safety and environmental performance and compliance with laws and regulations is very important and periodically monitored.

At Andi, ‘learning from mistakes’ and ‘preventing them in the future’ are important pillars of the policy.

The policy (quality, working conditions, environment and information security) provides a framework for setting strategic objectives as well as policy objectives and is therefore in line with the mission and vision, strategic direction and context of our company.

In terms of quality we strive for:

  • Consistently providing our customers with products and services that meet our customers’ wishes and requirements.
  • Controlling risks and seizing opportunities.
  • Thinking in terms of solutions that enable us to facilitate our clients as completely as possible.
  • Do what we say (appointment = agreement).
  • Continuous improvement.

Our quality policy

Our ISO 9001 certificate

In terms of occupational health and safety, we strive for:

  • Facilitating a safe and healthy (working) environment for our employees and visitors.
  • Limiting and preventing absence due to illness.
  • Preventing industrial accidents.
  • Stimulating employee development.

In terms of environment, we strive for:

  • Respecting and complying with relevant (environmental) laws and regulations.
  • Preventing damage to-or unnecessary burden on the environment.
  • Purchasing sustainable electricity and forest compensated gas.
  • Reducing the use of chemicals.
  • Responsible handling of paper and paper-waste.
  • The use of LED lighting.

Our environmental policy

Our ISO 14001 certificate

Our EcoVadis Gold certificate

fsc® certified paper

Printing is our core business; as such, we consider it crucial to handle our primary resource responsibly, so we take responsibly sourced paper very seriously. As part of our environmental policy and our FSC certification, we advise you on using FSC certified paper for your printed materials and include the FSC logo. Adding an FSC logo on your printed materials shows that you care about responsible sourcing, making an immediate and visible contribution to your company’s reputation for embracing sustainability. Andi is certified with FSC license number FSC-C004241.

Our FSC certificate

In terms of information security, we strive for:

  • Stopping or reducing risks to an (acceptable) minimum in the field of information security, as a result of threats
  • Using information only for the purposes which it has been made available for.
  • Not retaining data for an unnecessarily long period.
  • A process of continuous improvement.
  • Qualitative information security.

Our information security policy

Our ISO 27001 certificate

Our common target is therefore:

Striving towards continuous customer satisfaction in a quality-oriented, environmentally conscious and information-safe manner with the commitment of professional and enthusiastic people who realize that this is only possible if they continue to improve together.

Andi’s managing board believes that this leads to independence, continuity and sustainability for our organization and employment in the area, now and in the future!

Mr. Frits Keulen, Managing Director
Mr. Frank Alofs, Operations Director
Mr. Eric Frissen, Commercial Director