Smart print solutions when quality is of vital importance

“When dealing with medical equipment, it is important to offer the most up-to-date information available to the patient or medical specialist at the right time. By printing smaller amounts and segment or even personalize them when necessary, you are able to make adjustments with information relevant to the customer at all times. In medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, documentation is of vital importance,” says business development manager Ratna Boon.

Branches with specific wishes
“The medical technology and pharmaceutical industries are branches with specific wishes, which is a perfect match with Andi. Requirements that fit into Andi’s business philosophy include 100% error-free execution and fast turnaround times, as well as guaranteed quality standards regarding the environment and legislation. We are able to offer our customers substantial added value in these industries, which is leading in our solution-oriented approach. Earlier this year, we were invited to link ourselves to the Pharma Packaging and Labeling Forum in Vienna. This renowned, annual Pharma forum offers us an excellent platform to explain our added value for these sectors to a high-level international audience. Serialization will be a very important theme, in which Andi can definitely play its part,” Ratna continues her story.



Grown alongside our clients
Andi has been active in the medtech sector and pharmaceutical industry since 1990 and has been growing alongside its clients within these sectors ever since. Ratna: “This has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge within these particular sectors and to develop innovative and user-friendly printing solutions, e.g. for printing manuals, self-adhesive labels and various (printed) packaging options for medicines and supplements. We always implement the regulations that are imposed by legislation, such as the obligation to provide medicines with a unique date; so-called serialization. We print these dates directly to labels and even to packaging.”



Strategic partner
“For customers in these industries, we are more than just a supplier of quality printing”, Ratna continues. “This is especially true for matters such as automated process flow. In this area, the cooperation between Andi and the client reaches the strategic level. For example, we have an extensive cooperation with our client Medtronic regarding stock management. During the years of our collaboration, Andi’s role has changed from being a classic industrial quality printer to a document supply chain manager. The playing field has shifted from good quality and timely delivery of orders to sophisticated stock management; delivering what is needed and anticipating variable needs in time, with an eye on the best possible price at the lowest possible inventory risk. The fact that an organization such as Medtronic – a global player in the field of high-quality medical products – classifies us as a preferred supplier that has set the standard for others, shows that we can be regarded as a prominent partner in this sector.”

“We are on the right track, but won’t sit back and see what happens next. On the contrary, we are always looking for opportunities of improvement and new methods to address the increasing challenges that are characteristic for the medical sector. Some quick wins are concrete and will soon benefit our existing customers first.” Ratna concludes.

In our case studies you can read how medtech companies have experienced our approach and which printing solutions and workflow optimization we have implemented in their businesses.

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