The Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QSHE) policy of Andi forms an integral part of the total company policy and is essential for the continuity of the company, the well-being of our employees and our environment.

Therefore, the top priority for Andi is the ongoing improvement (‘plan – do – check – act’) of our quality, health, safety and environmental performance!

At Andi, ‘learning from mistakes’ and ‘preventing those mistakes in the future’ are important pillars of the QSHE policy.


The customer will become even more central at all levels and in all thought patterns of the company. The quality of a professional service provision, as far as we are concerned, starts with a high-quality front office. For that reason, we work with three customer-oriented teams, each consisting of an account manager, an in-house commercial assistant and a pre-press assistant. They are all supported by a commercial manager.

We must always reason from the customer’s point of view! ‘What if I were this customer: What would I want most?’ In addition, we strive to adhere to the principle of ‘a deal is a deal’ and a quick response time towards our customers at all levels of the organisation.

In order to get a clear view of ‘how the customer sees Andi’, we deliberately and frequently inquire about this by means of customer satisfaction surveys. We use these customer satisfaction surveys to annually measure our customers’ satisfaction in terms of our service provision and products. The reactions we receive are registered and periodically analysed. Andi can benefit from this by directing its organisation based on this information, which will ultimately result in even more satisfied customers, both existing and new.

In addition, Andi will always focus on high-quality (at all levels) and preferably ISO-certified suppliers. Andi will periodically assess its main suppliers.

health and safety

The Andi management will conform to the applicable laws and regulations in terms of health and safety. Where necessary, sufficient attention will be paid to the working conditions of the employees in general, and to (personal) health and safety. The management will also provide the necessary resources. An external HR specialist supports us in doing this, in a broad sense.


Taking proper care of nature and its resources, respect for humans, surroundings and the environment are essential elements of sustainable business. The management is convinced that, if Andi does not see to quality, the environment and safety, the continuity of Andi, and therefore of its social role, will be threatened. Therefore, Andi is committed to contributing to a better environment!

Core values of our environmental policy are:

  • Respecting all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. Many of the obligations can be found in the Activities Decree, which Andi complies with;
  • The specific attention to measures for reducing environmental impact, such as:
    • Reduction of the use of natural energy sources;
    • Reduction of our waste flows.
  • Managing the most important environmental aspects within Andi;
  • Reduction of the impact of our environmental aspects.

We also try to realise continuous improvement in terms of our environmental performance. We do this based on our environmental objectives.

In addition, corrective and preventive measures are determined and updated, in case it appears we fail to comply with the environmental policy or the environmental objectives.

Furthermore, we have a company emergency plan, intended to minimise the potential consequences of a fire or other calamity.

Finally, upon purchase of new machines and cars, Andi always carefully studies the related environmental aspects and consequences. Our preference always goes out to hybrid cars, cradle to cradle machines, fewer kilowatts of energy consumption for machines, etc.

This environmental policy is published on our website for external parties. Andi employees can find the environmental policy in the digitalised QSHE manual. This subject is also frequently communicated via our internal newsletters.

Last but not least, the QSHE policy of Andi focuses on committed and motivated employees. Where necessary, investments will be made for the education and development of quality ‘professionals’ and ‘young talent’!

Our joint objective, as such, is:

Andi strives for continuous customer satisfaction in a safe, eco-friendly and efficient way, employing professional and enthusiastic staff who realise that this can be done only if they continue to improve as a team. Ultimately, the Andi management believe that this will lead to the company’s continuity and employability for the future!

Mr. Keulen, General Manager
Mr. Kremer, Manager Large Format