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About This Project

The Foundation for the Limburgs Landschap were trying to imitate valuable paintings, making them accessible to a larger public.

For this reason, the paintings were photographed and realistically printed on canvas by Andi. Using our special printers, we were able to apply a much thicker print layer, making it look like an authentic painting. In addition, rough edges were assembled to make it look even more like an old painting.

And we took it one step further. Printing on old wooden panels. In a few years’ time, the Limburg Landscape, being supported by others, managed to turn the ruins of the Oude Pastorie (Old Rectory) in Beek into a beautiful visitor centre. The wooden panels with print hang near the toilet facilities.

This was a challenge, of course. We started by testing prints on different types of wood. What is the ink going to look like when printing on light or dark wood types, such as oak, beech or poplar? What happens to the ink when the wood is being varnished? And to what extent is the print wear-resistant? Ultimately, the images were printed on the wooden panels in top quality, using a wide format printer.