Working towards a vital organization

A ‘High Performance’ organization is an organization that aims to achieve significantly better results for its customers, by concentrating on what is truly important to the organization; sustainable employability of employees, who work joyfully and add value to the organization.

Vitality as a top priority
Over recent years, Andi has grown to become one of the largest print suppliers in the south of the Netherlands; by investing in the latest technologies, but also by delivering quality and knowledge. In our eyes, the latter is what made it happen. People are the capital of Andi. You’re probably thinking: “What about those printers then?”. Well, naturally, they are important too. But it’s our employees who add value by implementing our innovative machines, with their clever solutions and stunning end products for our customers. At Andi we believe in a vital organization by vital people. Arlette Daemen, our external HR advisor, ensures that our people will continue to create added value.

“Innovation is part of Andi’s DNA. Due to the sharp and steady growth of the company, new technologies and work processes need to be implemented quickly. This can be quite demanding on our workforces,” says Arlette. “Continuous development is only possible with good people. That’s why, they are of such great value to Andi. The slogan says it all: WE create value with smart print solutions. The teams work hard to attain maximum value for our customers. To continue our growth, energetic employees are vital: both current employees with many years of experience and young acquisitions who bring new knowledge, are needed to shape strong teams. Vital people are involved and motivated, have skills and professional knowledge, are healthy and energetic and are able to maintain a balance between good work and their private live. When you experience fun and gratification in your work – also because you get to develop yourself –, you will be able to deliver better results for the organization. That’s what everyone benefits from. ”

“People are the capital of Andi. Of course, our printers are important too, but it’s our people who add value by implementing our innovative machines”


Let’s get to work
“In order to determine what makes and keeps Andi vital, we have appointed a ‘development team’ that focuses on the development of the company and its employees. This team consists of both the MT, as well as a number of newly appointed executives. Together, they have defined the key core values for Andi. They have, as it were, put “The DNA of the Andian” into words.”

  • we do as we say
  • we are always involved
  • we are solution thinkers
  • we keep on developing ourselves

“The members of the development team have each taken on one goal to focus on. They involve other employees in the mission and vision of the company and invite colleagues to reflect on goals and to achieve specific activities. What does this mean to me? How can I develop myself in this area? But also: how can we solve things that are not working well? The different teams are discussing why they – as a team – are such an important part of Andi and how they can grow to be even better. For example, the teams give a weekly ‘tip’ (thing that could be improved), and a ‘top’ (things we are proud of).

At individual level, we are going to talk to all employees about their job satisfaction, their personal goals, healthy working manners and (dealing with) any work stress. The goal is to make every employee within the company feel comfortable, so that he or she will grow and achieve results to be proud of. This is how, Andi will be able to create optimal value for its customers. “Vital employees are the driving force behind every vital organization. We probably do not have to convince you. The question is: how far is your organization? Are you making the most of your team?”