Frits Keulen,
managing director, owner and executive board member

As managing director, owner and executive board member of Andi Smart Solutions Group, I am very proud of all the amazing things we’ve achieved over the past years. We’ve grown so much. We’ve moved far beyond a traditional printing company. As an innovative print service provider, we deliver specialized solutions tailored to the client’s needs, day after day. Our solutions emerged from what our clients needed. In doing so, Andi is responding to client demand from various fields of knowledge. It’s important to ensure that our entire organization is optimally aware of client needs, so we can provide a perfect response. Clients come first at Andi. By delivering quality, knowledge and independent advice, by being engaged, thinking in terms of established and new solutions, investing in innovation and embracing ongoing development, we achieve a constantly growing partnership with our clients, partners and employees. Supplementing our core business, I believe that it’s important to contribute to projects that benefit society in the fields of health, nature, culture and education.

Our organization is always growing and we continue to develop, improve and innovate – from efficient workflows, performance management and measures to reduce the total cost of ownership, through to investments in sustainability, people, technology and (new) solutions. I have always been convinced that our people are the driving force behind our organization. To support that, I constantly invest in the people working at Andi so we can respond even more effectively to our clients’ needs. It’s important for employees to take ownership and be motivated and dedicated. Our Andi team has all the room they need to develop in competencies that they enjoy. When the 75 people in our team develop, then the company will develop too; I am convinced of it. Long-term employability for fit and healthy employees who enjoy the work they do is a high priority for me.

I am grateful for everything that Andi has achieved with its clients, partners and employees. I am grateful to lead this fantastic company and keep rolling out the plans for the years to come. One thing’s for sure: here at Andi, we never stand still.

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