Frank Alofs,
operations director

As operations director at Andi Smart Solutions Group, I need to know what’s going on outside the company and translate trends and developments into opportunities. My focus is not exclusively on what’s happening today; I’m especially focused on the future. I constantly keep an eye open for new developments, improvements and solutions. The aim is to realize ideas and solutions that yield added value for our clients. In doing so, I maintain a broad overview: looking at things from the client perspective, thinking in terms of opportunities, and being prepared for the future. Besides my future-oriented outlook, I ensure management of and involvement in IT, technical order management, finance, analysis and operations. I’ve been with Andi since 1996 and held various roles within the company, so I am keenly familiar with its inner workings at every level. That awareness enables me to build solid bridges between future strategies and day-to-day operations.

It’s important for people at Andi to be free, to get the chance to pursue their own professional development and help build our company. People need to take ownership, maintain a focus on client priorities, respect each other and there also needs to be room for fun. I get satisfaction from little things, especially when the team works together and gets great results. The team comes first for me, and I’m the driving force that keeps them moving forward. I enjoy encouraging them to take things to the next level by offering sincere confidence, room, guidance and coaching. I’m energized by seeing people go for it 200%, and I’ll be right there beside them! That’s the feeling I want to pass on to my team.

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