Eric Frissen,
sales director

Andi is a company where people make the difference. Involvement and a clear focus on quality and reliability are characteristic. The desire to continuously improve is noticeable everywhere and this translates into a strong ambition to continue to innovate and grow. The plans for the coming years show that clearly: we are not finished yet!

Over the past years I have gained extensive management experience in various positions in industry (both High-tech and Medtech) as well as the public sector (Healthcare). I am someone with a winner’s mentality who loves challenge, is always looking for the solution and is quality & performance oriented. If you combine this with people-oriented competencies such as trust, collaboration and accessibility, then you have a good idea of who I am. Central to all my activities is the balance between results and people. My secret: make sure you have a good team. Maybe a cliché, but if you have the right team in its power that pursues a common goal you ensure maximum output. 

What energizes me is that Andi is a real people oriented company that strives for high quality. I especially like working with clients. If you understand what the customer wants and surprise him, then you deliver added value. I keep focussing on innovation, always striving for improvement and renewal. What’s out there, what is possible and what does the market need are questions I constantly ask myself.  

What challenges me? If people say that something is not possible. If you say to me: “that is not possible”, I will say “we will see”. In my opinion, you can make the impossible possible if you believe and persevere. Cannot is non existent. Then you just haven’t found the answer yet.

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